食べログラーメン WEST 百名店2022

There are many ramen ranking lists out there but none come close to Tabelog’s Top 100 aka the Hyakumeiten (百名店). This list, released around the end of the year, is curated by the top reviewers on Tabelog, an immensely popular site in Japan for reviewing restaurants. While they have awards for high-end dining, more casual stuff has been delegated to the Hyakumeiten lists. You’ll find ramen, soba, tempura, and even burgers and pizza each with its own list. For mega-popular food like ramen, 100 is too few, so the list is broken up into Tokyo, East, and West for a total of 300 shops. Click here for the other lists:


East Japan

I completed the list of 300 in early 2023. Let me tell you, the 100 West was hard. I blame Osaka. Osaka alone has 62 shops on the list. Neighboring Kyoto, Hyogo, and Nara also have their fair share. What I did, during the global pandemic, was to visit Osaka four times. Each time I spent 10 days crushing ramen. I’d wake up, hit up two shops for lunch, and then play dinner by ear. I had to rent a car five or six times to visit shops that were simply too far out of the way. Fortunately, hotel prices were at an all-time low during this time, and my favorite boutique hotel was only around 3000 yen a night. These days it is around 20,000 yen. I streamed most of it on my Twitch channel, which I have since quit because IRL streaming is . . . kind of cringe. Forty days of no distractions and I was able to eat a lot of ramen!

Although the list is just a list and not a ranking, I’ve compiled them all in order of their overall Tabelog score at the time of writing. Though no shops in the west broke the 4.0 rating (Ramen Senmon Nagomi got a 3.78) these are all considered top shops among most ramen hunters out there. Remember that the scores of the bottom 50 are all something like 3.74, and the numbers are constantly evolving. See you for the 2023 list!

I’ll finish writing about these shops and updating this list in due time. For now, you can always just search on Ramen Adventures to see if I’ve written about a shop!

  1. らーめん専門 和海 (Nagomi in Hyogo)
  2. 貪瞋癡 (Tonjinchi in Toyama)
  3. カドヤ食堂 総本店 (Kadoya Shokudo in Osaka)
  4. らーめん 鉢ノ葦葉 (Hachinoashiha in Yokkaichi, Mie)
  5. 人類みな麺類 (Jinruiminamenrui in Osaka)
  6. 麺や而今 大東本店 (Jikon in Osaka)
  7. ラーメン人生JET (Jinsei Jet in Osaka)
  8. らーめん弥七 (Yashichi in Osaka)
  9. 俺のラーメン あっぱれ屋 (Ore no Ramen Appare in Kyoto)
  10. 中華そば うえまち (Uemachi in Osaka)
  11. ロックンビリーS1 (Rocking Billy Super One in Amagasaki, Hyogo)
  12. 麺屋 極鶏 (Gokkei in Kyoto)
  13. 烈志笑魚油 麺香房 三く (Sanku in Osaka)
  14. 麺屋 丈六 なんば店 (Joroku in Osaka)
  15. 燃えよ麺助 (Moeyo Mensuke in Osaka)
  16. 中華蕎麦 葛 (Kazura in Osaka)
  17. 麺屋NOROMA (Noroma in Nara)
  18. 群青 (Gunjo in Osaka)
  19. ラーメン家 みつ葉 (Mitsuba in Nara)
  20. 中華そば 無限 (Chukasoba Mugen in Osaka)
  21. らーめん颯人 (Hayato in Osaka)
  22. 麺や 紡 (Tsumugu in Osaka)
  23. 手打ち麺 やす田 (Yasuda in Osaka)
  24. らーめん専門 和心 武庫之荘店 (Nagomi in Mukonoso, Hyogo)
  25. 麺屋 たけ井 本店 (Takei in Kyoto)
  26. 本家 第一旭 本店 (Daiichi Asahi in Kyoto)
  27. 総大醤 (Sodaisho in Osaka)
  28. らーめんstyle JUNK STORY 本店 (Junk Story in Osaka)
  29. ストライク軒 (Strike-ken in Osaka)
  30. ラーメン人生JET600 (Jinsei Jet 600 in Osaka)
  31. 麦と麺助 (Mugito Mensuke in Osaka)
  32. 麺屋彩々 昭和町本店 (Menya Sasai in Osaka)
  33. らーめん香澄 阿波座本店 (Kasumi in Osaka)
  34. 麺のようじ (Mennoyoji in Osaka)
  35. 山崎麺二郎 (Yamazaki Men Jiro in Kyoto)
  36. 麺屋 八海山 (Hakkaisan in Osaka)
  37. 彩色ラーメン きんせい総本家 夢風 (Kinseimufu in Osaka)
  38. 大阪麺哲 (Mentetsu in Osaka)
  39. 麺や高倉二条 (Takakura Nijo in Kyoto)
  40. 無鉄砲 本店 (Muteppo in Kyoto)
  41. 洛二神 (Rakunijin in Osaka)
  42. ラーメンにっこう (lamen Nikkou in Shiga Prefecture)
  43. あいつのラーメン かたぐるま 本店 (Kataguruma in Kyoto)
  44. 烈火 本店 (Rekka in Osaka)
  45. 麺や福はら (Fukuhara in Osaka)
  46. とんぴととりの光龍益 (Koryumasu in Osaka)
  47. 自然派ラーメン 神楽 (Kagura in Ishikawa)
  48. かしや (Kashiya in Osaka)
  49. 桐麺 本店 (Kirimen in Osaka)
  50. ラーメン坊也哲 (Boyatetsu in Osaka)
  51. 麺処 と市 (Tochi in Nara)
  52. 麺~leads~なかの 大和高田本店 (Leads Nakano in Nara)
  53. 博多元気一杯!! (Genki Ippai in Fukuoka)
  54. 時屋 (Tokiya in Osaka)
  55. 吟醸らーめん 久保田 (Kubota in Kyoto)
  56. 彩色ラーメンきんせい 高槻駅前店 (Kinsei Takatsuki Station Shop in Osaka)
  57. 鶏 soba 座銀 本店 (Zagin in Osaka)
  58. セアブラノ神 壬生本店 (Seabura Kami in Kyoto)
  59. つけ麺無心 (Tsukemen Mushin in Nara)
  60. 中華そば いぶき (Chuka Soba Ibuki in Osaka)
  61. ぶたのほし (Butanohoshi in Amagasaki, Hyogo)
  62. いかれたヌードル フィッシュトンズ (Fishtons in Osaka)
  63. がふうあん (Gafuan in Hyogo)
  64. がむしゃら 奈良 (Gamushara in Nara)
  65. 麺哲 豊中 (Mentstsu in Osaka)
  66. 極汁美麺 umami (Umami in Osaka)
  67. 麺一盃 (Men Ippai in Osaka)
  68. 中華そば麦右衛門 (Mugiemon in Hyogo)
  69. 麺匠 而今 (Jikon in Osaka)
  70. 博多一双 博多駅東本店 (Hakata Isso in Fukuoka)
  71. 無鉄砲 大阪店 (Muteppo in Osaka)
  72. 京都 麺屋たけ井 阪急梅田店 (Takei Umeda Shop in Osaka)
  73. 鶏Soba 座銀 にぼし店 (Zagin Niboshi in Osaka)
  74. 世界一暇なラーメン屋 (The Most Deserted Ramen Bar in the World in Osaka)
  75. ふく流らーめん 轍 本町本店 (Wadachi in Osaka)
  76. 担担麺専門店 DAN DAN NOODLES. ENISHI (Enishi in Hyogo)
  77. 拳ラーメン (Kobushi in Kyoto)
  78. 博多とんこつ 天神旗 (Hakata Tonkotsu Tenjinki in Osaka)
  79. 麺屋 たけ井 R1店 (Takei Route 1 Shop in Kyoto)
  80. 新宿めんや風花 (Shinjuku Men-ya Fuhka in Kyoto)
  81. 麺屋 はなぶさ (Hanabusa in Osaka)
  82. 中村商店 高槻本店 (Nakamura Shoten in Osaka)
  83. つけ麺 繁田 (Shigeta in Kobe, Hyogo)
  84. 自己流ラーメン綿麺 (Watamen in Osaka)
  85. 極麺 青二犀 (Aonisai in Osaka)
  86. 麺ゃ しき (Shiki in Osaka) (New Entry)
  87. 麺屋 さん田 (Sanda in Kyoto)
  88. らぁめん トリカヂ イッパイ (Torikaji Ippai in Nara)
  89. 麺屋 そにどり (Sonidori in Mie)
  90. らぁめん真 (Ramen Shin in Osaka)
  91. 中華そば 高安 (Takayasu in Kyoto)
  92. 麺元素 (Mengenso in Osaka)
  93. 麺屋大河 (Menya Taiga in Kanazawa, Ishikawa) (New Entry)
  94. 福島壱麺 (Fukushima Ichimen in Osaka)
  95. 中華そば 閃 (Sen in Osaka)
  96. らーめん 小僧 (Ramen Kozou in Osaka) (New Entry)
  97. らーめん香澄 中崎町店 (Kasumi in Osaka)
  98. 中華そば桐麺 (Kirimen in Osaka) (New Entry)
  99. はまんど (Hamando in Kagawa)
  100. 馬鹿坊 (Bakabo in Osaka)
  101. ふく流らーめん 轍 総本家 (Fukuryu Ramen Wadachi in Osaka)

Wait, isn’t that 101 shops? According to the Hyakumeiten site, they made some errors and now it is 101 shops. I wouldn’t put too much thought into it.

Do you like this list? Personally, with only two shops in all of Kyushu, this list needs a major overhaul. I get it, Osaka has a ton of rad shops, but with 62 in Osaka, it crowns them as the destination of West Japan. Which maybe it should be. A list of Kanto (Tokyo and its surrounds), Kansai (Osaka and its surrounds), and elsewhere might be a better way to come up with the top 300 shops around Japan. In the end, this is Ramen Adventures, and I like taking the time to visit far-off places for a bowl, so maybe I’m in the minority. With a train pass, you could easily visit most shops on this list. Too bad the JR rail passes more than doubled in price.

If you are traveling through West Japan and want to grab some good ramen, you could definitely just go down this list. Maybe skip Tonjinchi in Toyama Prefecture, as it is one of the toughest ramen shops in Japan to get to, with minor train lines, a huge line, and not much else. That said, if you can drive the Noto Peninsula is a truly special part of Japan and worth a massive detour to visit.

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