Ramen Tours

If you or your group are coming to Tokyo with food in mind, I am happy to provide private food tours. I have given hundreds of food tours since 2013 for chefs, food writers, restaurant groups, and tourists. 

Email me at [email protected] with your request!

In general, the cost is $300 for half a day and $500 for a full day for your group. Tours run anytime and are entirely private. My most popular tour has been ramen-ramen where we hit up two (or three!) ramen shops in a row. I’ll take you to shops that are a bit off the tourist radar, but usually on the ramen nerd’s radar.

I’m happy to do higher-end dining tours as well, but I usually only do this if you’ve taken a tour before. Don’t ask me for Sushi Saito reservations if we’ve never met 😅 (but I’m happy to take you with me the next time).

Cancellations: There is a $100 cancellation charge within a month of booking. Within three days I cannot offer a refund.

About your guide:

Brian MacDuckston has written about ramen and the ramen scene in Japan for over 10 years.
He is a ramen critic for Japan’s top ramen magazine Ramen Walker, has been to over 1500 shops, has published two books on the subject, and has appeared on television as a ramen expert many times.
A native of San Francisco, he loves showing travelers his favorite restaurants both ramen and non-ramen.