Ramen Adventures has worked on, contributed to, or been featured in the following:

Books I’ve Written
These can be found on my Amazon Author Page here:

South China Morning Post

I wrote an article about the Hyakumeiten (百名店). Check it out here. March, 2024.

Super J-Channel (and Yahoo News)

I did a TV spot all about ramen hunting in Tokyo. It aired on Asahi TV Super J Channel. It was also written up on Yahoo News. You can read that here. You can watch it here. Aired January, 2024.

New York Times

Author Timothy Taylor wrote about Tokyo from a cook’s perspective. I showed him a couple of restaurants. November, 2023. Check it out here.

Drive Discovery PRESS Radio Interview

I was interviewed by Japanese announces Chiaki Horan about local ramen around Japan. Aired on Tokyo FM on April 16 and 23 or 2023. Also available on their podcast channel. Check it out here.

Denis Ivanov Magazine

I spent August of 2022 in Russia checking out the food and ramen scene. Denis Ivanov Magazine interviewed me, and I wrote an article for this seasonal magazine. It’s in the Russian language. The magazine’s website is here. I’ve written for this magazine a few times, so consider this ongoing.

Content Crush Podcast

Interviewed by Luke aka Nomadic Gaijin for his Content Crush podcast. View it here – https://youtu.be/_56tLN0M3KU


Wrote the 2022 version of Tokyo’s Best Ramen Shops for their map series. Available on Eater.com here. June 2022.

Japan House Los Angeles

Presented for this 6-part popup at the Japan House in Los Angeles. You can watch the videos over on the Japan House Los Angeles YouTube channel here. #ramendiscoveries. June 2022.


I wrote an extensive article about the culinary wonders of Aichi Prefecture. Read about my adventures here. January, 2022.

Nomadic Foodist Podcast

I was interviewed for the Nomadic Foodist podcast. Check it out here. September 2021.


SENPAI JAPAN is an online resource for information about things to do around Japan. I wrote a series of articles for them about different styles of ramen as well as where to try them in Tokyo. Check out the shio ramen article here.

Arigato Japan

Names one of their best ramen accounts to follow. Thank you! Check it here.

Fool Magazine

I wrote an article for Fool Magazine. The topic was 24 hours in the life of Matsumura-san, a ramen shop owner in Ginza. Grab a copy here, it is a beautifully done design mook. November 2020.

Ramen Do
Three-part ramen series on FujiTV. I appear in the MENSHO episode. Very in-depth stuff here. Check it.

Experience Suginami
Wrote a mini guide for Suginami-ku, a district on Tokyo’s west side. Ten great shops on the Chuo Line. Check it out here.

Noctive is an online nightlife guide. I’ll be making a series of local guides. Check out the first on here.
Ramen Walker TV
I appear regularly (hopefully) on the long-running Ramen Walker television show. Check it out here. Aired in January 2020 on FUJI TV and will be on YouTube many months later.
Sapporo Nishiyama
I had a nice interview with Nishiyama Seimen, a noodle maker based in Hokkaido. On Facebook here.

Ramen Walker
I’m happy to be one of the official ラーメンWalker 百麺人, the critics involved with this famous Japanese magazine. I’m involved in commentary, rankings, and helping develop the outreach for this magazine. From 2020 to the current year (2023). Grab a copy (in Japan) here. If you want a copy of this magazine, I can ship one out to you, but shipping costs are kind of high these days.

How to Japanese Podcast
Interviewed on the translation-centric podcast How to Japanese. September 2019.

Food & Wine
Interviewed for an article about Kitakata ramen. Check it out here. September 2019.

Tokyo MX
Did a couple of ramen episodes for 明日どこ⁉︎DX, a show that showcases foreigners in Japan. For one they followed me on a ramen tour, and for another focused on a student at the Ramen School in Tokyo, whom I introduced. Aired September 2019. Possibly will be on their YouTube channel here.

The Japan Times
The English-language site of the Yomiuri Shinbun featured one of my ramen tours in their paper. June 2019. Link here.

Eat Like a Local TOKYO
Contributed some restaurant and bar recommendations to the book Eat Like a Local TOKYO.

Ramen Walker TV
I appear regularly (hopefully) on the long-running Ramen Walker television show. Check it out here. Aired in March 2019 on FUJI TV and will be on YouTube many months later.

Japan Forward
Japan Forward is the English wing of the Sankei Shinbun newspaper. I will be doing a regular column with the. The intro piece is here. March 2019.
ひらめけ! デンキッキ
Herameke Denkikki is a late-night show where a panel speaks with an idol group and an author. The super random show was filmed live without any rehearsal. They invited me back if I finish my next book. Website here. It was aired in December 2018.

Escape Magazine
Australian travel magazine Escape interviewed me about ramen. See it here. June 2018
National Geographic Traveller
I met up with writer Mickey Rapkin (author of Pitch Perfect!) for a travel piece he worked on. December 2017 and May 2018.

Our Food Adventures Podcast
Interviewed by Chris and Tiara about ramen. You can subscribe to their podcast here.

Bizz Buzz Japan
I’m not sure what this show is, but somehow they got hold of some work I did for NHK and incorporated it into their 30-minute program. I think it is an advertisement for a ramen school. Oh, and I don’t get any credit for my appearance. I’m not mad, just curious about how the business works.
I checked this one a few years later, and it was taken down by a copyright claim from NHK!

Bellevue NZZ
Interviews for an article in this Swiss paper. April, 2018.

Yomiuri Newspaper
The 読売新聞 followed me on a ramen tour, reporting about how foreigners view Japanese ramen. January 6th, 2018

Overseas American
Interviewed for Overseas American, a site dedicated to the lives of Americans living abroad. Here.

Interviewed for GQ.com about my work with the Palace Hotel (I am their official ramen hunter).

Ramen at Home-The Easy Japanese Cookbook for Classic Ramen and Bold New Flavors
I wrote a book with the help of the Osaka Ramen School. Simple recipes for the home cook.
Get it here. http://amzn.to/2ztv1Dj

Ramen Kagetsu Arashi
Helped the ramen chain らぁめん花月嵐 promote their September 2017 ramen, Ore no Torisoba 2017. Check it out here.

Maction Planet T-Shirt Collab
Teamed up with Maction Planet for a t-shirt collaboration. Check it out here.
Australian Financial Review
Interviewed for a piece about the state of ramen in Japan. You can see it here. July 2017.

Friday Ichikara
金曜イチから is a show on NHK. They followed me around on a ramen tour. Aired on May 19th in Japan. The show’s site is here.

KOBE 76.1
I was interviewed by radio host Manamiki about my #ramenriders project. Aired on May 5th. Manamiki’s blog is here.

Abema News
Commented on the rise of instant ramen as a currency in American prisons. April 13th on the internet news channel here. Even though we talked about prisons, I went off on a tangent about the ramen burger, and they aired that separately on another day.

A “battle” type show about the best ramen in Takadanobaba. I commented on the best 7, along with 3 other ramen critics. I was only on air for about 10 seconds, as the show was more focused on the TV talent going to different shops. April 4th, 2017. See the page here.
I worked on the Airbnb guidebook project. You can see my stuff here:
I appeared twice in one week on the daily news show N-Star on TBS. On was an interview at the Ramen Museum, and the other was showcasing foreign YouTubers in Japan. March 2017.

4-page spread about motorcycles and ramen in Japan’s #1 bike magazine.
you can grab a copy of the April 2017 issue here:

Singapore Airlines
Featured in the Singapore Airlines magazine in an article about global ramen. I was interviewed as an expert. First-quarter, 2017.

Wrote a guide for Eater’s Tokyo guide. The best shops in every neighborhood. Check it out here. Live from February 2017.

Yummy Japan
Yummy Japan is a YouTube content creator focusing on Japanese food culture. My channel is, of course, about ramen. If you can, please subscribe!http://www.youtube.com/user/brianramen

Singapore Airlines’ Priority magazine
Interviewed for Singapore Airline’s in-flight magazine about the ramen scene in Tokyo and abroad. 1st quarter, 2017.
I provided photos for a Korean youth magazine related to chocolate ramen, something that exists around Valentine’s Day every year. No link, but maybe it is this magazine. January 2017.
Smithsonian Magazine
This fun article is about slurping techniques. See it here. Published January 2017.
Simply Her and Women’s Weekly
Two lady-centric sites from Singapore put up a best-of list I made, showing readers 11 great shops in Tokyo. Ramen is universal! Links here and here. December 2016.
CBS News
Interviewed about Ichiran’s NYC opening. Link here. November 2016.
Highlighting Japan
The Japanese government’s official English magazine. Vol 103 features a lot about food, and you can learn a bit about my ramen adventures. Site here. November 2016.
Named a Top 25 Japan Blog. August 2016.
Time Magazine
I provided some photos for a TIME Magazine piece about cheap Michelin-starred food. August 2016.

Yahoo! Life Magazine
I chose three shops that are important for the foreigner/Japanese relationship. You can see it here (Japanese). July 18, 2016.
Quiz Japon (クイズジャッポン)
I was a contestant on this game show. Four of us competed to see who knows the most in their respective category. It came down to the line, and I’m happy with 2nd place to the castle expert. The site on Asahi TV is here. Looks like it is over here to view. On-air June 16, 2016.
#TokyoExtra is broadcast weekly on TBS in Japan at 1 am on Sundays. It is also live-streamed to YouTube. I team up with various AKB48 members to introduce a new ramen shop each time. Check out the Google+ page and the YouTube page. It is also on ANA flights! October 2015 – June 2016
The Crafty Pint
Molly Rose Brewery founder Nic visited Japan, took a ramen tour, and wrote about it for the Australian craft beer scene. Who doesn’t love craft beer and ramen! Read it here. April 2016.
I wrote a special feature for WAttention Tokyo, a seasonal free magazine about Tokyo. You can find it in most tourism offices and hotels. It’s the Spring 2016 issue.
TBS Radio
I did a quick interview on the morning show 日本全国8時です – All Japan 8 am. We spoke about ramen and my book . .  for 12 minutes. Aired February 27th, 2016.
Attaché Tokyo Travel Guide
Toured around with the travel filmmakers at Attaché for their Tokyo travel show. On YouTube here
.Lakeland College
I gave an hour-long lecture about local ramen throughout Japan at Lakeland College. They have monthly free lectures. February 17th, 2016.

Interviewed by Nakagawa Shoko (Shoko-tan), about my ramen obsession. Aired on February 13th, 2016 on BS. The homepage is here.

Smile on Sunday
Interviewed on 81.3 FM J-Wave, a Japanese radio station. Smile on Sunday’s site is here. There’s a tweet about it here. We talked about some of my favorite ramen shops in Tokyo. Aired October 11th, 2015.

Boutique Japan
Interviewed by boutique a travel company about my ramen adventures in Japan. Check it out here.

News Zero
A segment called Zero Human, on the nightly news program News Zero, did a short piece on me and my book. Aired in Japan on September 17th, 2015.

Weekly Post magazine did a profile of 10 ramen shops and me that I love in Tokyo. On Japanese newsstands August 31st, 2015.

Interviewed for the 2015 Autumn / Winter issue of Kateigaho International, a magazine focusing on travel and culture in Japan. Available in bookstores and online.

関ジャム 完全燃SHOW
Introduced two of my favorite ramen shops to musicians Keri Pamyupamyu and YOSHIKI on a show hosted by Japanese boy band Kan Johnny 8. Aired on August 30th, 2015 on TV Asahi. Show website here.

Foodie program showed inflight on ANA flights in Japan and abroad. Broadcast from August 2015. Can be seen on flights as well as some premium TV services in Japan. Info can be found here.
Asahi Newspaper
I was interviewed about my ramen hunting and new ramen book for the 朝日新聞, Asahi Shinbun. Published in the print version on July 2nd, 2015. Online (in English) here.

News Room Tokyo
I was invited to give a live interview in the studio of the nightly English language news program News Room Tokyo. The video and a transcript can be found here. This was my first live appearance on TV. Aired June 16th, 2015 on NHK World.
Kansai-based news program. They followed me during a ramen tour. Their site is here. Aired in June 2015.

A show about searching the world for interesting things. In this episode, the TV talent traveled from Japan to New York and London to talk to people about ramen. I joined her in Japan, where we went and had Tequila ramen. The cut out the part where we took shots. It’s on YouTube here. Aired on May 16th, 2015 on TBS.

FM Yokohama 84.7
Interviewed about the book and my obsession with blogging about ramen in Japan. Aired on May 16th. Some info here.
I didn’t catch this one, as it was only on in Osaka in the middle of the night. The show featured several “Monster Hunters”, or people who are obsessed with something. Apparently, the segment before mine was about a girl with large breasts. I’m not making this up, you can read about it here. Aired March 30th, 2015 on Kansai TV.

Did a short bit where I introduced a ramen shop on the TBS show Ippuku. Aired on March 16th, 2015
I was consulted about ramen trends and how those relate to Japanese businesses for an article. You can read it here.
Tokyo Eye
I took part in a ramen special over at NHK World. Great program in English. We ate at KabochanKikanbo, and Soranoiro. Available online over at the NHK World site from February 3rd.
Tokyo Crasso is a show about various life-in-Tokyo stories. They profiled me and we went to some great ramen shops. Aired January 230th, 2015 on Tokyo MX
Rachel Khoo
I helped out famous UK food personality Rachel Khoo for a piece she did with the Telegraph UK. Even though I was out of town for most of her trip, I hooked up a ramen tour and a day at the ramen school for her. Check it out here
Food and Wine
Interviewed for an article about where to eat in Tokyo. Check it out here. November 13, 2014
Interviewed for a 4-page article in the MOOK (Magazine+Book) What Foreigners Love About Japan that You Don’t Know. Available on bookshelves and online in Japan from October 2014.
CNN Travel
Wrote an article about various styles of ramen around Japan for the CNN website. Read it here. October 2014.

Ramen Adventures YouTube channel was featured on a program about foreigners in Japan. Aired August 18th, 2014. You might be able to see a clip here.
Fuji TV Super News
Segment about foreigners in Japan doing things to promote Japanese culture. They followed me to a couple of shops, shot me speaking with one of my English students about ramen, and showed me doing a ramen food tour. Aired July 14th, 2014.
GO!オスカル! X21
Toured ramen shops with some of the girls of X21, a junior idol group in Tokyo. The concept was “English Only”, and they had to make food commentary using English. A fun show. Airs Friday nights at 1:30 am on Asahi TV. Ramen Adventures helped with shows in February, March, April, and May of 2014. Ongoing.
Appeared on the excellent Discovery Asia show about ramen. Follows the stories of 5 people involved in ramen culture in Japan. Aired in March 2014.
A late-night ranking show. Onegai! Ranking covers any topic you can think of. We talked about out recommendations for the upcoming 2013 Grand Tsukemen Fest. Aired 10/25/13 on TV Asahi.
A TV show called Ariehen Sekai on TV Tokyo. It aired sometime in 2013 at 4:30 am. We took the crew to a couple of great ramen shops in Tokyo and Chiba.
A morning show in Japan. I took the crew to the new Nagi in Shinjuku. Aired 9/5/13.
Newsweek Japan
Interviewed in the 8/13/13 issue of Newsweek Japan. The article is about foreigners doing interesting things related to Japanese culture in Japan.
Now, That’s an Amazing Face! is a show on TBS. A showcase of interesting people doing interesting things. You can see the clip on YouTube here. Aired 7/13/13 on TBS.
Popular Sunday afternoon TBS TV show. The entire hour was all about foreigners and Japanese culture. Spent the day with talent Shinyama Akinobu eating ramen. Aired May 2013.
日本テレビ News Every
Took the announcer from this daily news show to a few shops where we talked about ramen. Aired May 2013.
Metropolis Magazine
Wrote a feature for this Tokyo English magazine. 10 excellent shops along the Yamanote train line. See it here. April 2013
Travel and Leisure
Helped out writer Adam Sachs in his hunt for tonkotsu ramen. Article here. April 2013.
Interviewed at one of my favorite shops for an article about ラヲタ, ramen otaku. Here. April 2013.
Japan Times
Helped with an article about people who eat more ramen than me. See it here. March 2013.
Interviewed for Chicago-based food-culture website HOGSALT. I also helped them while they were in Japan with reservations and ramen logistics. The interview is here.
Tokyo MX
Helped with the TV show Tokyo Boy. On the show, I take a French friend whom I haven’t seen in a while to one of my favorite ramen shops, Soranoiro. Aired on February 3rd, 2013 at 8pm. Tokyo MX is a local channel in Tokyo.
Kansai Scene
I gave advice to a reporter who ate 3 bowls in one day; in Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe.  She also visited the Osaka Instant Noodle Museum.  Kansai Scene is a free English language magazine for the west side of Japan.  The article is online here.
Appeared on the morning show Shittokoto talk about ramen and took the talent 重盛さと美 to some ramen shops.  Aired on October 20th, 2012 at 8am.
NHK World
Gave comments on the state of ramen for a piece about a Texan who is opening a ramen shop in the near future. Appeared here.
Yahoo Japan
One of nine selected as a Ramen Ambassador.  This project runs on the website ramen.yahoo.jp.
The Vine
Photos for a piece on what to do in some major international cities.  July 2012.
Hiragana Times
Wrote a 2-page piece entitled Adventures in Ramen – ラーメン探訪 for the May 2012 issue of the Hiragana Times.
Weekly Playboy
Weekly column focusing on 2 Americans and our views of the ramen scene in Japan.  October 2011 until ??? Still going strong after over 2 years!
Contributed to the 2010 Best Eats awards on CNNGo.  Great articles, not just for ramen but for most popular food styles in some top Asian cities
Nihon de Sekai Go!! featured Ramen Adventures in it’s special about foreign views of ramen.  Aired on NHK, September 29th, 2011.
Zoom In!! SUPER featured Ramen Adventures on their ramen special.  I took the crew around to some of my favorite shops.  Aired on Nihon Terebi, December 2nd, 2010.
I am happy to be the Bento.com Ramen Editor.  Check out the site for not only my ramen reviews but also info (in English) on thousands of restaurants in the Tokyo area.
Time Out Tokyo

One-page ramen writeup in the 2010 (6th edition) of the popular guidebook.

Courrier Japon

A Japanese magazine that focuses mainly on translating foreign media’s coverage of Japanese interest stories.  They translated the NYT article and used some of my original photography for the article.  April 2010.

New York Times

Helped guide the Frugal Traveler Mat Gross around Tokyo for his excellent piece on ramen in Tokyo. January 26th, 2010.