食べログラーメン WEST 百名店2023

Tabelog is Japan’s most respected restaurant-ranking website. Since 2007 they have been making various forms of best-of lists. Ramen, sweets, and fine dining were all given awards. Then, in 2017 they took things to the next level with their Hyakumeiten (百名店) list. Meaning 100 famous shops, the hyakumeiten became the gold standard of awards for casual gourmet restaurants. While top-level fine dining restaurants are given gold, silver, and bronze awards, these restaurants are often too expensive and difficult to book for your average Joe. Ramen, on the other hand, is an everyday food. And now they have their list.

Originally, the list was split up into Tokyo, West, and East for a total of 100 shops. In 2023, however, Osaka was given its own list of 100 shops, freeing up room in the West for more awards. More shops in Nara and Kyoto. A solid representation in Kyushu. Shiga with five on the list.

Though the Tabelog list isn’t a ranking, I’ve listed all 100 West Japan shops here in order of their Tabelkog rating. This number is constantly shifting, but the top shops here have been on the top for a while, and you should probably try and visit them. Click the links (when available) to read the Ramen Adventures writeup.

  1. らーめん専門 和海 (Nagomi in Hyogo)
  2. 貪瞋癡 (Tonjinchi in Toyama)
  3. 麺屋NOROMA (Noroma in Nara)
  4. 俺のラーメン あっぱれ屋 (Ore no Ramen Appare in Kyoto)
  5. ロックンビリーS1 (Rocking Billy Super One in Amagasaki, Hyogo)
  6. ラーメン家 みつ葉 (Mitsuba in Nara)
  7. らーめん専門 和心 武庫之荘店 (Nagomi in Mukonoso, Hyogo)
  8. 本家 第一旭 本店 (Daiichi Asahi in Kyoto)
  9. 麺屋 極鶏 (Gokkei in Kyoto)
  10. らーめん 鉢ノ葦葉 (Hachinoashiha in Yokkaichi, Mie)
  11. あいつのラーメン かたぐるま 本店 (Kataguruma in Kyoto)
  12. 麺処 と市 (Tochi in Nara)
  13. 博多元気一杯!! (Genki Ippai in Fukuoka)
  14. 麺や高倉二条 (Takakura Nijo in Kyoto)
  15. 吟醸らーめん 久保田 (Kubota in Kyoto)
  16. 無鉄砲 本店 (Muteppo in Kyoto)
  17. セアブラノ神 壬生本店 (Seabura Kami in Kyoto)
  18. ラーメンにっこう (lamen Nikkou in Shiga Prefecture)
  19. ぶたのほし (Butanohoshi in Amagasaki, Hyogo)
  20. つけ麺無心 (Tsukemen Mushin in Nara)
  21. がふうあん (Gafuan in Hyogo)
  22. 担担麺専門店 DAN DAN NOODLES. ENISHI (Enishi in Hyogo)
  23. 拳ラーメン (Kobushi in Kyoto)
  24. つけ麺 繁田 (Shigeta in Kobe, Hyogo)
  25. 麺屋 さん田 (Sanda in Kyoto)
  26. がむしゃら 奈良 (Gamushara in Nara)
  27. 中華そば麦右衛門 (Mugiemon in Hyogo)
  28. 博多一双 博多駅東本店 (Hakata Isso in Fukuoka)
  29. 中華そば 高安 (Takayasu in Kyoto)
  30. 麺屋大河 (Menya Taiga in Kanazawa, Ishikawa)
  31. 新宿めんや風花 (Shinjuku Men-ya Fuhka in Kyoto)
  32. らぁめん トリカヂ イッパイ (Torikaji Ippai in Nara)
  33. はまんど (Hamando in Kagawa)
  34. 麺屋 そにどり (Sonidori in Mie)
  35. 晴耕雨読 (Seikoudoku in Uji, Kyoto)
  36. 支那そば 王王軒 本店 (Wanwanken in Tokushima)
  37. 八ちゃんラーメン (Hacchan in Fukuoka) (New Entry)
  38. 麺屋 たけ井 本店 (Takei in Kyoto)
  39. らぁめん登里勝 (Torikatsu in Mie) (New Entry)
  40. 麺道はなもこし (Hanamokoshi in Fukuoka)
  41. 麺屋 Somie’s in Kyoto
  42. 麺 ヒキュウ 六甲道店 (Hikyu in Hyogo) (New Entry)
  43. 麺屋 猪一 (Inoichi in Kyoto) (New Entry)
  44. 金田家 本店 (Kanadaya in Fukuoka)
  45. つけ麺 きらり (Tsukemen Kirari in Kyoto)
  46. 麺屋 一徳 (Ittoko in Nara)
  47. 煮干そば 藍 (Niboshi Soba Ai in Kyoto)
  48. 麺dining 月乃家 (Tsukinoya in Wakayama) (New Entry)
  49. うらしま (Urashima in Wakayama) (New Entry)
  50. 麺食堂 88 (Mendokoro 88 in Nara) (New Entry)
  51. いのたに 本店 (Inotani in Taokushima) (New Entry)
  52. 和醸良麺 すがり (Sugari in Kyoto) (New Entry)
  53. 麺屋 優光 (Yuko in Kyoto) (New Entry)
  54. 麺処 鶏谷 (Toritani in Kyoto) (New Entry)
  55. 山為食堂 (Yamatame Shokudo in Wakayama) (New Entry)
  56. 麺屋 猪一 離れ (Inoichi Hanare in Kyoto) (New Entry)
  57. らーめん 鶴武者 (Tsurumusha in Kyoto) (New Entry)
  58. ぎょらん亭 本店 (Gyorantei Honten in Fukuoka)
  59. 安全食堂 (Anzen Shokudo in Fukuoka) (New Entry)
  60. ラーメン二郎 京都店 (Ramen Jiro in Kyoto) (New Entry)
  61. 佐賀ラーメン いちげん。(Ichigen in Saga) (New Entry)
  62. 博多とんこつ 真咲雄 (Kisao in Shiga) (New Entry)
  63. 麺場 力皇 (Rikio in Nara) (New Entry)
  64. ラーメン家 みつ葉 the second (Mitsuba the second in Nara)
  65. 来来 (Rairai in Fukuoka)
  66. 尼龍 (Amaryu in Hyogo)
  67. 麺や 江陽軒 (Menya Koyoken in Shiga) (New Entry)
  68. 丸高中華そば 神戸二宮店 (Marutaka in Hyogo) (New Entry)
  69. 清乃 近鉄百貨店和歌山店 (Seino at Wakayama Station) (New Entry)
  70. 風来房 (Furaibo in Kyoto) (New Entry)
  71. 弘雅流製麺 (Kogaryu Seimen in Hyogo) (New Entry)
  72. 拉麺男 (Ramen Man in Miyazaki) (New Entry)
  73. Gion Duck Noodles in Kyoto (New Entry)
  74. MENYA BIBIRI in Nara (New Entry)
  75. 中華そば おしたに (Oshitani in Nara) (New Entry)
  76. つけめん 恵那く (Enaku in Kyoto) (New Entry)
  77. 麺屋 K in Nara (New Entry)
  78. 元祖赤のれん 節ちゃんラーメン 天神本店 (Ganso Akanoren in Fukuoka) (New Entry)
  79. 麺屋 たけ井 R1店 (Takei in Kyoto)
  80. 丸星ラーメン (Maruboshi in Kurume, Fukuoka) (New Entry)
  81. 麺劇場 玄瑛 (Mengekijou Genei in Fukuoka) (New Entry)
  82. ラーメンたんろん 本店 (Tanron in Hyogo) (New Entry)
  83. 丸幸ラーメンセンター 基山本店 (Maruko Ramen Center in Saga) (New Entry)
  84. 丸三 (Marusan in Wakayama) (New Entry)
  85. 魁龍 博多本店 (Kairyu in Fukuoka) (New Entry)
  86. 麺や一芯 (Isshin in Hyogo) (New Entry)
  87. らーめんや亜喜英 (Akihide in Kyoto) (New Entry)
  88. Clutch Hitter in Hyogo
  89. 梅花亭 (Baikatei in Shiga) (New Entry)
  90. 中華そば専門店 井出商店 (Ideshoten in Wakayama) (New Entry)
  91. 熊本ラーメン 黒亭 本店 (Kokutei in Kumamoto) (New Entry)
  92. ラーメン小金太 (Kokinta in Kagoshima) (New Entry)
  93. ふくちゃんラーメン 田隈本店 (Fukuchan in Fukuoka) (New Entry)
  94. いっぽし (Ipposhi in Hyogo) (New Entry)
  95. らーめん 与七 堅田店 (Yoshichi in Shiga) (New Entry)
  96. 無鉄砲しゃばとん (Shabaton in Nara) (New Entry)
  97. 頑固麺 (Gankomen in Kyoto) (New Entry)
  98. 重厚軍団 (Juko Gundan in Kyoto) (New Entry)
  99. 麺や 福座 (Fukuzo in Kanazawa, Ishikawa) (New Entry)
  100. ラーメン ロケット開発 (Rocket Kaihatsu in Hyogo) (New Entry)

Welcome to Kyushu! I complained in the past that the West Japan 百名店 was too loaded with Osaka shops that it left Kyushu and their creamy tonkotsu ramen in the pot. Well, now that Osaka has its own list of 100 shops, Kyushu is fully repped with 13 shops in Fukuoka and a couple of shops in Miyazaki, Saga, and Kagoshima. Shikoku even gets a handful of mentions. Road trip!

What I find crazy, in a country of real ramen fanatics, is that no one had been to all 100 shops on the day the list came out. Tabelog has a reviewer ranking as well where you can track this. Seven people had completed the East Japan list, three the Osaka list, and many the Tokyo list. Is this info correct?

It may well be. Eating at all of these ramen shops is not an easy task. Many are only open for lunch. If you have something more important to do, like a job that pays your salary, it can be physically impossible to do. Many ramen nerds don’t post on Tabelog. You’ll notice that Ramen Adventures isn’t anywhere up there. If I ever find the time to upload a photo and write a 100-word review (in 日本語) for all of these shops it means I am seriously neglecting my sleep and sanity. Sorry, Tabelog!

Since the list came out a handful of ramen-obsessed ラオタ have finished the 400. Congrats to all . . . I’m on my way!


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