Best of the Best


Introducing Best of the Best Ramen, a guidebook covering the entire country. With 20 must-hit “legend” shops alongside over 200 of Japan’s great slurps, this is a must-have book for ramen hunters around the world. Shop info and comments from Japanese ramen experts (myself included) in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese are all here.

Getting a copy is easy . . . if you live in Japan. Just click the book above to get it on Amazon Japan.

If you live abroad, you might be able to find it in a specialty bookstore. I know this isn’t ideal, so until it is widely available abroad, I will happily send you a copy from Japan. Just PayPal me $40 USD (don’t forget to write your address) and I will ship it to you anywhere in the world.

Make it $50 USD and I will throw in a copy of my (slightly outdated) Tokyo guidebook.

Avoid Yelp or other non-Japanese ranking sites. Lines are a good thing. Lines of people with suitcases negates all assumptions; some touristy places are amazing, and some are downright awful. Good ramen is ramen that makes you happy and that is all that matters.



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