Tokyo Ramen School!

ラ塾 – RaJuku

Please email me at if you are interested in a class. The school usually runs once a month, but it fils up fast!

Looking for a ramen school in Tokyo? Look no further than the RaJuku. The RaJuku brings together some of Tokyo’s most revered ramen chefs for two kinds of classes. One is a simple, 3-day experience and the other is an intensive, in-depth 10 days of ramen study.

3-Day Basic Course

You’ll learn a classic shoyu ramen from the Jiraigen Syndicate (check out their Saikoro shop here). Soup, tare seasoning, and toppings are all covered in this class. You can get a good idea of this class here:

The school is located near Fuchinobe Station, about one hour from central Tokyo. The costs are listed below. More people can join for half price. Please email me at and I will put you in touch with the school.

10-Day Authentic Ramen Course

Looking for something serious, something that will give you the foundation to understand and create your own ramen? The Rajuku’s 10-day authentic ramen course features a week of recipes and instruction followed by a week of more recipes and practical training.

The curriculum details for this course, and other longs ones can be found below.

Price per person
10-day Master Course
You will learn from basic to advanced ramen recipes. You will also experience opening a shop and serving ramen to customers. Creating your own original ramen as the final test!
400,000 yen
3-day Basic Course
This class is essentially the first half of the Master Course. You will learn the basics of many kinds of ramen.
200,000 yen

Questions and Answers:

Q: What is the upcoming schedule like?
A: Please email me an I will let you know. 10-day classes are generally once a month.

Q: Will I have a translator?
A: The chef’s wife, Chee-chan, will be there most of the time to translate for you.

Q: Where is the school?
A: Fuchinobe Station is about an hour from Shinjuku. Please keep that in mind when planning for a class here.

Q: What is the cancellation fee?
A: Before 10 days, 10%. Before 3 days, 50%. Within 3 days, 100%.