Tokyo Ramen Show 2012


Yeah, I ended up going.


I didn’t want to, especially since last year’s event was only slightly better than the lame experience two years ago; where I waited in line for three hours and then had to leave empty stomached because I had somewhere to be.


But a recent stamp card rally requires a visit.  Isn’t that reason enough to go?  By the way, all recent ramen reviews from Setagaya-ku are due to this stamp card.  I’m a sucker for these promotions!


How about the idols?  Maybe that is your thing?


Or the . . . pro wrestlers?


This is Yoshihiro Takayama, and by the sheer number of fans posing for photos, he must be quite well known.


His ramen, from the aptly named Stomach Hold, was downright miserable.  Tasted like beansprout water, if that is a thing.


Also on hand was Ryukishin, straight from England!  But wait, the shop is a chain in Osaka that opened a shop in London.  Do they get to flaunt that at the show?


Apparently they do.  Osaka-based blogger Friend’s in Ramen describes it best; “a solid and refreshing if not-very-exciting chicken shio bowl.”


Then I watched an “air ramen” competition and decided to go home.

My two less than stellar bowls might have something to do with the line length.  I was all by myself, so I passed on the two hour lines for gyutan tantanmen from Sendai and Osaka Black, opting for medium sized lines instead.  These events are slightly bearable if you go with a group of ramen nuts.  Otherwise, skip them.

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