Along with eight other ramen nuts, I was named one of Yahoo Japan’s 2012 Ramen Ambassadors.  We all helped to create content, and you can check it out at:

The best part, goofy videos!

I talk about the easy process of ordering ramen using a fancy ticket machine.

Ramen 101, anyone?

Ben ( lays down some Osaka knowledge.

Super energy from Kyoto!

Keizo! Go Ramen! (

Awesome, I recommended she go to this shop for the best spice in Tokyo.

Ramen business?  The most educational of the videos by far.

Checking in with Ivan at his shop.  Good luck in New York.

I’m not anti-Jiro, just minor-Jiro.  This is Jiro.

There will be some more content to this site soon; maps, guides, and shops. In multiple languages! Enjoy!

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