The Ramen Book is another bilingual guide to ramen in Japan, albeit a much broader guide than my own book, 最強アメリカ・ラーメン男 東京 極ウマ50店を食べる. While mine is strictly a guide to 50 shops in Tokyo, The Ramen Book brings you in slowly; sort of a ramen 101.


It covers the basics, with great color photos and a few recommended shops to check out. Ishiyama is considered one of the most important ramen critics in Japan, so you can imagine that his hit-list is good.


By the way, almost every Tokyo shop in this book is also in mine!


There are explanations of local ramen in Japan, a primer on international chains, and some handy guides to help you navigate a ramen shop. If this review seems on the simple side, well, it is because this is a simple book! A perfect companion to sit on your bookshelf next to my book! It looks like you can order it on here.

My only gripe is that whoever was checking the English from the machine translations forgot to do the shoyu page! Rich aroma of soy sauce is re-charged decisive? The rest of the book is fine, just this one page. Whoops!

(by the way, my own book has a few mistakes as well, can you find them?)


With the upcoming Olympics, and a general global interest in Japanese ramen, I’m hoping our books will be of help to a lot of people.

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