I’ll just let Google figure it out for you!
Yep, I wrote a book about ramen. The full name is 最強アメリカ・ラーメン男 東京 極ウマ50店を食べる. Saikyo Amerika Ramen Otoko Tokyo Goku Uma 50 Mise wo Taberu. Let’s break it down.
最強 – Saikyo pretty much means amazing.
アメリカ・ラーメン男 – American ramen dude.
東京 – Tokyo.
極ウマ – Goku Uma. Super tasty. Uma (馬) can mean horse, but the uma here means delicious.
50店 – 50 shops.
食べる – Eat.
More or less a guide to 50 great ramen shops in Tokyo.
You like that cover?
I was able to convince them to include some English as part of the book. Though aimed at the Japanese audience, I hope a lot of English speakers will use it when they visit Tokyo.
The Japanese ramen review pages have more details.

I even included a few essay stories, like this one about my trip up to Kitakata to crush bowls with some friends.

These aren’t translated into English, sorry.

So there you have it. If you wanted a guide to 50 great shops in Tokyo, now you have it.

You can click here to get it from Amazon Japan.

Bad news, though, it’s only available in Japan! Distribution is in major bookstores and the Japanese Amazon site, but not overseas. If you live overseas and want a copy, you can take advantage of the weak yen and I’ll send you one for $25, worldwide express shipping included. Details at my ramen site:



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