Ramen Show 2010
I’ve heard that the annual Ramen Show in Komazawa Park draws a crowd, but this was ridiculous.
I arrived at noon, with exactly 3 hours to eat before I had to be somewhere. I can eat 4 bowls in that time. I can try at least.
First up with a collaboration between Keisuke and TETSU, 2 of my favorite shops. The show was all about collaborations. Almost all of the 30 or so booths were mash ups of top shops from around the country.
Being opening day, the news reporters were in full force.
Japanese lobster from Keisuke, and fish from TETSU.
It was ok, but tasted a lot like what you get at the Tokyo Station shop. Total time in the line – about 30 minutes.
Congratulations SF Giants.
While in the next line, Keizo brought by some Taishoken. Solid.
I figured I’d go for a miso. What better than one from Saitama. Here’s where I started in line just before 1:00.
Here’s where I got to by 2:45. It took almost 2 hours to move halfway in line. And the line was even longer when I gave my leftover tickets to my friends and went on my way.
So be warned, this event is absurd. I left after having a bowl in 3 hours. This was a national holiday, so Thursday and Friday should be a little better. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can make it back, Komazawa is a little out of my way.
I don’t know if I enjoy these ramen events, to be honest. I’ve never had a stellar bowl at one, and eating ramen out of a plastic bowl in a crowded park isn’t much of an adventure in my opinion. Maybe I’m just jaded after today.
If it rains this weekend I’ll go back though.


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