A relevant shot of a bowl of Shoyu ramen from Ivan Ramen.

The big news in the ramen blogging world is Keizo’s impending return adventure to Japan. He’ll be employed at none other than top ramen shop Ivan Ramen. Talk abut living the ramen dream!

Not to steal his thunder or anything, but I’ll be working for Ivan too… sort of. From November 5th to 11th, Ivan will be selling a special tsukemen at the Big Tsukemen Fair in Hibiya. I’ll be there, serving up bowls of some amazing stuff. Unlike the standard porky soup that is the base of most tsukemen, Ivan has concocted a chicken based soup. It’s flavorful and fresh. Check out a preview here.

I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday, the 7th and 8th of November. We start serving at 11am, and the festival ends at 9pm. But chances are high that we will run out before the end. Why not show up around noon, have a bowl, then go get drunk in nearby Hibiya park?

The festival is outside at 日比谷パテオ, Hibita Patio, which is just outside exit A13 at Hibiya station. You can’t miss it!

Once again, thats Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th. いっらしゃyませ!!!!

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