Zoom In Super!

Zoomin Super.avi_snapshot_07.19_[2013.06.14_18.44.54].jpg

This was the first TV spot I did in Japan, back in 2010. Zoom In Super! is now off the air, but my memories will remain forever. やっぱりうまい!

A very weird experience. The production staff set up a tiny camera in front of me, then left the shop so I could eat with no one around. They wanted reactions, but who over-reacts to food when they are alone. Strange indeed!

Zoomin Super.avi_snapshot_08.17_[2013.06.14_18.46.25].jpg

We went to three of my favorite shops at the time.

  1. Basanova
  2. Fuunji
  3. Nagi Shibuya
Hey, these are still three of my favorite shops!
I still have that jacket!
I still have a camera that only focuses in my own hands!

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