Ramen Live Hype Show!

We did an hour long Google+ Hangout to promote the upcoming Grand Tsukemen Fest! On hand, some fellow ramen nuts from around the world. We had Ben from Osaka (http://www.friendsinramen.com/), Sam from California (http://www.ramenshop.com/), and Hans from Washington (http://www.theramenrater.com/). With MC George Williams, we also had Tomita-san there to discuss the finer points of noodles. Tomita is perhaps the most highly ranked tsukemen shop in Japan. He is also the champion of last year’s Grand Tsukemen Fest.

Check it out!

Key moments!

6:30 for Sam from Ramen Shop talking about their own signature California-style ramen.
13:40 for Ben from Osaka, on vacation in NYC.
21:00 for the most random comment ever from Hans the Ramen Rater.
27:00 for the Grand tsukemen summit with mega-ramen-master Tomita-san.

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