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It looks like I have on lip gloss! And my subtitles make me sound girly. Not to self, stop saying めっちゃ and ヤバイ. That’s girly talk in Japan!

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News Every is a daily news program. For this show, you guessed it, I took the talent around to some ramen shops.

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The subtitles say that I’ve been to 570 ramen shops. By now it is more like 700 different shops across Japan. Today we went to:

  1. 『 』
  2. Kikanbo
  3. Marutama
Ms. Ito was awesome. For some reason we both got the extra-mega level of Chinese numbing spice at Kikanbo. I don’t recommend it. Also, if you are a pretty lady, I don’t recommend wearing white pants when you go eat ramen!

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Miura-san, the owner of Kikanbo, gave me a T-Shirt. Solid!

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