The Ramen Americans weekly column is going strong. As always, each week we pick a theme and talk about it. As always, you can grab a copy at your local bookstore, convenience store, or anywhere fine magazines are sold (in Japan!).
Cover-girl of the week is Watanabe Miyu, with promises of a solo photo-shoot inside. You’ll also find articles about asbestos disposal in the disaster area and a cardigan buyers guide. Did you forget how random this magazine is?
Our article this week talks about some tonkotsu gyokai tsukemen shops we like. Our main idea is that most shops of this style are very similar, and it doesn’t take much to be simply “good”. Something extra is needed to make an impact. We both love Fuunji, hands down.
The cover is graced by 21 year old Nakamura Miu. As you can guess, it’s not a work-safe photo spread. Inside the mag are articles about the pirate Blackbeard, and a write-up about Japanese sake that is popular overseas. Wow, a whole page on my favorite sake brewer, Masuichi! This is in no way a sake expert’s site, but I highly recommend their Hekiiken. A dry brew that always gets compliments.
The article talks Abram’s recent trip to Osaka to be on a morning show there. And, yes, I know our weekly English comment is less than correct grammatically.
Kashiwagi Yuki, you can’t leave the house in Japan without seeing her and her fellow AKB48 members these days. There is a nice lesson on Chinese in this issue, with some useful phrases like このミカンマークではなく、アップルのiPhone4Sをください.
We talk about Abram’s Kansai trip in more detail this time. Tokyo is king, but there are some really interesting looking spots out west.
Oshima Yuko. Didn’t think you could learn about so many AKB48 girls on a ramen website? Think again! Also there is a photo-shoot where cute girls recreate キン肉マン fight moves.
Don’t believe the hype! There are quite a few shops in Tokyo that are hyped beyond belief. We lay the smack down kinnikuman style. Sapporo Junrei? Go back to Hokkaido. Ichiran? Never. What about Jiro? We are split on that one, but you won’t see any reviews of that artery clogging spot here!
See you next time!

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