Here’s a quick breakdown of our first month of having a column in the popular Weekly Playboy magazine. Available everywhere in Japan.

Week 0
Basically an introduction of Abram and myself. We talk a bit about our past in the ramen world, and what inspires us to be maniacs about ramen food culture in Japan.
The cover features actress Ayase Haruka. Other things in the issue? Micro 4/3 camera reviews, cosplay tips, and some retro guravia photography.
Week 1
We get into it a little about our philosophies of food. Shops with a huge line aren’t always the greatest, and simply being on TV can be enough to propel a bowl of ramen into stardom. We promise to give honest opinions!
Actress Aragaki Yui graces the cover. Inside: compact cars, a mushroom buying guide, and more AKB48 than you know what to do with.
Week 2
Now we start to get into some of our favorite shops in Tokyo. This issue is all about shoyu. Abram gives nods to En, Dokkan, and Ranchu. I go with Futaba, Nishio, and Shichisai. We also argue about chashu. I still think Shichisai is the best in town, even though Abram (and the writer Kei) disagree.
AKB overload! Also a Korean bar guide, girls in bikinis eating ice cream, and tips for erectile dysfunctional.
Week 3
This time, we talk about miso ramen, but the conversation goes more into our memories of times past in Japan. There aren’t a lot of amazing miso bowls in Tokyo, but the ones that shine are great. Abram disagrees with my choice of Kururi, but we both agree that Oyaji out in Machida is amazing.
Sasaki Nozomi on the front. A lot of discussion about world finance in the issue. Good to know that Japan can save itself by taxing pachinko parlors.
See you next month!

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