Sorry for the completely un-ramen related post. That’s me in the Santa suit, my motorcycle covered with toys.

Every year, my motorcycle club organizes a charity event. We collect toys, load up our bikes with said toys, and ride from Tokyo to orphanages in the surrounding area. The idea of a “Toy Run” is very common around the world. But for some reason, it never happened in Japan. We set about to change that, and after a very successful 2009 event, we plan on an even better 2010.

If you would like to make a donation to our event, please click the paypal link below. This year’s event is on December 12th. Donations after that day will go to the next years run. Anything will help, even just a couple bucks.
I’ll try to eat some ramen after the event, down on the seaside of Kanagawa. And I’ll make one more non-ramen related post, with some pictures from the event. For now check out the event site here.
Thanks for the distraction!

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