I didn’t actually eat 5 bowls. I guess I ate 3.5 bowls. Still it was a lot.


Ikaruga was first up. No, this isn’t a normal day of ramen eating for me.


A bowl at Gogyo was next. Actually, I was touring someone around to some top Tokyo ramen shops.


The ramen at Nagi in Shibuya is always a winner. The goal of the day was to take photos, eating was second priority.


Since they were all repeat bowls up to this point, I had to go off on my own and try a new shop. More on Camino in my next post.


And, as always, we ended the night at Bassanova.

I’ve had some very unique ramen adventures in the past couple of months. And I’ll talk about it… in due time.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled ramen shop reviews.

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