The next few posts will be from Hokkaido, where I spent the entire month of August, touring around on my motorcycle, camping, and working on a dairy farm. Hit up my other site for that nonsense.

But first, a couple bowls I didn’t eat.


Maguro (tuna) ramen. It’s just got some vacuum packed tuna thrown in the pack of dried instant noodles.


Kuma ramen. Want some ramen with bear meat in it?


Morioka style ramen gift packs on an expressway rest area. I’ve got a big problem with expressway ramen, or the lack of it. All the good looking stuff was in convenient gift packs. No shops serving fresh bowls. And no room on my bike for a box of prepare-at-home stuff.

I never eat when I’m not hungry. As a ramen maniac, this can be hard, as I want to write about some weird place that I’ll never have the chance to go to again. But hey, at least enjoy the photos, and if you are ever at the tip of the Shiretoko peninsula, you can tell me how the bear meat is.

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