ZenPop Japanese Ramen Pack

Check out the YouTube video! Instead of just doing an unboxing and eating of this tasty instant ramen pack, I packed a couple into my cycling pack, donned my cycling jersey from 1998, and rode around 75 kilometers into the distant reaches of western Tokyo.

Grab your own pack here:


This month’s theme is Flavors from Beyond, and they are all a bit left of center.

Yakisoba with tartar sauce mayo. Ok, I know most people, myself included, cringe a bit at the thought of mayo in ramen. But when you mix it in, it’s really just oil, vinegar, and egg. These are all ingredients you find in ramen, so go for it! For me, I like to mix in something spicy, like kimchi, with these instant yakisoba bowls.


Non-fried noodles mean fewer calories (292 vs a standard 400 in most bowls of instant ramen) and a bit of hot and sour black vinegar soup in this men shokunin (麺職人). Perfect for a light snack.


The opposite of light snack is this pork curry udon. By the way, thanks for reading this far! And thank you to ZenPop for sponsoring this post and YouTube video. If you want to support Ramen Adventures, head over to their site and grab a ramen pack, or any other pack for that matter.


Noodle made with tofu. Tofu topping. Soy milk infused broth. It’s tofu ramen!


Tonkotsu + togarashi = tongarashi. Pork soup with a spicy kick. This one is packed with tomato and cheese flavors. It’s full of umami.


Iseebi is a kind of Japanese spiny lobster. This line of instant noodles, called Wara (和ラー) specializes in local Japanese flavors. Mie Prefecture is known for these expensive lobsters.


Seino!!!! This is one of Japan’s most highly ranked shops out in Wakayama Prefecture. I’ve been a few times. Thick tonkotsu soup with heavy local soy sauce.

Thanks again to ZenPop. If you aren’t interested, no problem, but if you have any inkling to try some instant ramen shopped straight from Japan, please use this link to grab a subscription.

And use promo code RAMENADVENTURES ($3 USD off first Ramen Pack). Ya’ll are the best!


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