In the beginning of February, my student / doctor took my blood pressure. 130/76. Not terribly high, but defined as pre-hypertension by a quick google search. My doctor’s advice? You guessed it; stop drinking the ramen soup.
Let me make one thing clear. I hang out with ramen geeks. We drink ramen soup. Case in point, a recent video from Keizo, aka Go Ramen, aka the manager at one of the best ramen shops in Tokyo, Bassanova.
Actually, I am fairly in tune with my health. Go back 6 years and I was a 270 pound, Taco Bell eating, Mountian Dew drinking fat man. The story of my diet success is long, but the end result is that now I sit at around 180, and have never felt better. I watch what I eat, and was curious how ramen soup correlated to my high-ish blood pressure.
For the next month . . . no soup. Eat the noodles, spare the broth. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. From 130/76 to 123/69. There you go. A month of no ramen soup and I dropped 5%. Was it worth it? Not really. Was it a truly scientific health study? No way.



I’m off for a bit of an adventure in America for the remainder of March. Will said adventure include ramen? Seeing as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York are all in the cards, it is a likely possibility. Stay tuned. I will post some mini updates over at the Ramen Adventure facebook page, so head on over and click the いいね! button already!

Speaking of facebook, I’ve got a contest over there. Leave a comment on or like the contest post to be entered. Good luck!

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