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Living and working in Tokyo has been an interesting adventure. Although bowls of amazing ramen are accessible day and night, one thing hasn’t been so easy to come by. Cash.


I work various part time jobs, and was able to achieve a nice balance. About 6 months ago the management at one of these places changed, and I found my self out of a job. The cut was enough to make me have to budget. That meant watching how much I spend on food.


Sure, ramen has the best cost-to-yum factor in the world, but factor in train fare and it’s not something I can do everyday.


So I added a paypal donation link. $10 is enough to get a bowl at most shops. Thank you so much for the donations thus far, it has really helped and I appreciate it very much. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be in Japan (at least another year), but I’ll keep writing about great bowls of ramen and taking lots of photos.


Thanks for reading Ramen Adventures!

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